What is this PPA all about? Well, PPA stands for Personal Package Archives and that's pretty much it. Packages provided by my repository (for details look down) are unofficial, may be risky when used and can break your system, so you are using them at your own risk. As well as I am (:


This repository is meant mostly for Debian unstable (Sid) and experimental branch, although some of the packages may also work in testing (currently Wheezy). I'm providing only two architectures (i386 and amd64), but there are sources repositories available too. To use my PPA, add entries provided below to your sources.list file:


deb http://deb.ianod.es/debian/ unstable main
deb-src http://deb.ianod.es/debian/ unstable main


deb http://deb.ianod.es/debian/ experimental main
deb-src http://deb.ianod.es/debian/ experimental main


Here's little something for secure-apt:

gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys 598C5C38
gpg --export -a 598C5C38 | apt-key add -

Remember that you need to be root to properly add GPG key.

When HDPPA was making itself public for the first time, I was using time-limited public key (0x433E270B) and I had to move to the new one before expire date (2011-02-08). You can read more about transition in this post on my blog. Recently I lost data from my netbook, including GPG private key for my repository — I had to generate new one, which is now provided above.


You may look for all packages here. They are segregated alphabetically. For now, you may look on my blog for some further information about each package or drop me a line. I'm planning in near future provide some more information for at least few packages from my repository.

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